Funny moment during the Frisian section of the breed parade. Oh the 70s lol

And I’m sure artekka will get a kick out of the rider’s period costume :)



Body of Constructs

The sculptural works of James Roper are assembled in a way that they almost look like exploding micro-organisms, frozen in time. His work Construct which is part of his greater installation work Chaosmos II (2011) and Into the Fold (2005-2008) seems to play on the ideas of chaos within the vast microbiological world. Many of Roper’s works focus on the complex structures of the human body, by assembling small triangular pieces, to create a spherical shape, which is then combined to create a larger shape. This process is reminiscent of fractals, starting from small basic shapes, evolving into a more defined concept.

The artwork is a burst of energy, a quality often found in the artists’ works. The spontaneity of composition and colour, play with possibilities; is this random representation of form, or could it be a leaf cell, a human cell, maybe even a rock molecule?

-Anna Paluch